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Parents & Teachers


Parents and teachers have an outstanding opportunity to teach and inspire a child when their curiosity is piqued and their imagination is stirred. This magic can be found in the adventures of Tuffy Tiger.  T. E. Young and the charitable community arts non-profit Puppetry Arts impacts thousands of individuals each year infusing puppetry in programs that engage youth and families.  


Tuffy Tiger is a great example of that puppetry. Curious, outgoing, clever, and almost five, Tuffy Tiger is an appealing character that becomes an important confidant and friend to the many, many kids that he engages every day, helping them to explore the world around them. Discovering and learning along with Tuffy through art and music provide that same opportunity for you and your child emphasizing educational goals, healthy choices, and social principles. Tuffy’s experiences reinforce positive life lessons and habits for children through his honorable, endearing, and gentle nature. 


Below are a few Tuffytastic resources that promise to engage and inspire your young tigers! 

As an ambassador to parents and teachers, Tuffy Tiger helps to emphasize educational goals, healthy choices, and social principles through multimedia resources kids and parents love! Spark creativity and engage family fun with the Tuffytastic E-Newsletter and stay up-to-date on all Tuffy Tiger music, videos, crafts, and news!













Tuffy Tiger’s first album filled with 10 fun and empowering songs including 5 instrumentals perfect for classroom sing-a-longs. Purchase the album through these stores.



Download The Album’s Lyric Poster


                   Tuffy Tiger’s Puzzle Game

Colorful puzzles featuring the almost five Tuffy Tiger! Easy to slide into place using silhouette photo in the background with playful music and sounds!


Free Google Play Download


                   Tuffy Tiger’s Jelly Bean Jam!

Tuffy Tiger can't wait for you to try out Jelly Bean Jam! It's a game filled with action and strategy making it fun for all ages!


Free Google Play Download

Tuffy Tiger Worksheets 

From puppet making to games to drawing and coloring, these worksheets provide young tigers with opportunities to play, think, and create!

View & Download

Letters To Tuffy

Following standards found within STEAM and SEL, teachers are encouraged to empower students to write letters to Tuffy expressing their thoughts and feelings through words and coloring pictures about their experience watching Tuffy’s videos, singing with Tuffy, or making puppets and crafts. 


All letters, as a class, will receive a reply from Tuffy with a Tuffytastic surprise for each student! 


Download Letter

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